mardi 13 décembre 2016

[Fiction] Learning Docker watching ... WestWorld

Warning: this does contain potential spoilers, so I recommend you to watch this great show and then come back.


You finally to go the most famous attraction in the world, this place where you will find your inner self. You finally had the needed ressources to visit WhaleWorld.
Welcome to the land of your Dreams where you are the Hero, do whatever you want and never be harmed ... or is it?

Episode 1: Catch the train

You're arriving in WhaleWorld and at the first glance everything seems normal: Applications are discussing with the Databases and answering the Guests as they should be. These hosts seem familiar, like VMs, but at the same time very different. These hosts seem "lighter", less overhead, and still with OS capabilities. How can this be?
The logical next step is to meet and learn more about these Hosts.

Episode 2: Meet the Hosts

Before you came to WhaleWorld, you heard the consistant rumors that only Linux folks were welcome.
But you, the "Windows Renegade" wanted to come and see this world and more specially the TownHall where the Hosts were registered. That's where you saw Doloresoft! You could not believe your eyes, this World already had such technology?!
Now you truly want to know more about the technology behind, because while their Heart was different, they seemed to be created in the same way.

Episode 3: Build your own Host

Doloresoft, you cannot think about anything else, but how? How did the creators build it? While having a drink in the town's bar "DockerCon", you heard about a certain tool called "Dockerfile".
According to the discussions, you could create the skeleton of your Host in re-usable manner.
You already know that try and fail are part of any creation process and creating your first Host will not be any different.

Episode 4: Compose your own Storyline

Some time passed, and you now know how to create your own Host, feeling almost like the creator: Arnolmonstre.
However you start feeling limited compared to all the other Hosts in WhaleWorld. It seems that some Hosts are acting in a group, almost as if they were only one entity, working together in a common storyline.
If only you could Compose such storylines, then you could maybe add your own to WhaleWorld!

Episode 5: Overwhelmed? Call the Swarm!

The long road to get your own storyline is finally ending, but in the first day of suggesting it to the other guests you start feeling the pressure that actually the demand is way bigger than what your Hosts can handle.
If only you could create twins of your Hosts, and not only few, you need a Swarm! A Zerg like Swarm!

To be continued ...

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